Bota Macramê Bico FinoBota Macramê Bico FinoBota Macramê Bico FinoBota Macramê Bico Fino

Bota Macramê Bico Fino

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  • Description

    A Bota Macramê Bico Fino é um clássico atemporal para o inverno. Feita em camurça holográfica com detalhes em macramê de elásticos P&B feito à mão, esse modelo carrega nossas características mais marcantes: o uso de materiais nobres e um modo de produção artesanal. Altura do salto: 7,5 cm

  • Shipping and returns

    Pursuant to Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, the customer has up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product to communicate the intent of the return by repentance of the product to the Customer Service by e-mail [email protected] Reversal of the value will be made immediately upon receipt of the product at the distribution center, provided that no violation of the original packaging or evidence of use of the product is found, and the product is accompanied by the invoice. The chargeback will be made following the same payment method used in the purchase, noting that in case of purchases made with credit cards, the amount can appear in up to two subsequent invoices, according to the policy determined by the credit card company of the customer.

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