Frequently asked questions

How to compliment, complain and ask questions?

Please, get in touch with us through our Customer service by calling +55 (11) 3045-7180 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Reception and cancellation of the NEWSLETTER

To receive news about promotions or upcoming campaigns, please, access our website and fill out the form entitled NEWSLETTER.

OBSERVATION: If you wish to cancel your NEWSLETTER, the automatic link is located at the footer of the message page.

Does Paula Ferber ship all over Brazil?

The delivery service covers the entire range of CEP registered in national territory, according to the area covered by the Post Office. If a postal code is not being temporarily served by the Post Office, the customer will be advised to withdraw his purchase directly at the nearest post office.

How do I keep up with or track the delivery of my order?

After the order has been invoiced you will receive an e-mail.

To track the transit or delivery of your order(s), access the website and click on the option: LOGIN, entering your e-mail and password. Then click on "My Account" and "Orders" option.

Do all products have Nota Fiscal?

Nota Fiscal: Paula Ferber has a strict commitment to control its invoices.

NFe - Electronic Nota Fiscal

The Electronic Nota Fiscal is a document of exclusively digital existence, issuing and storing electronically, with the purpose of documenting, for fiscal purposes, an operation of circulation of goods or provision of services, occurred between the parties.

DANFE - Auxiliary Document of the Electronic Nota Fiscal

Simplified graphic representation of NFe, printed on plain paper, which will contain the printed, and highlighted, access key for consultation on the Internet and a bar code that will facilitate the capture and confirmation by the Stations. It will be used to track the transit of the product.

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